On-Campus Opportunities

Research projects provide students at RUSVM the opportunity to gain an appreciation of and exposure to research in veterinary medicine. A Principal Investigator and an eligible student may apply for a Research Assistant (RA), Research Volunteer, or Research Elective positions. These are recognized positions in research at RUSVM. Potential benefits to the student include gaining research experience, presenting his/her research at an appropriate forum (e.g. Research Highlights Seminar, RUSVM club meeting, Scientific meeting/conference), a stipend (RAs only), a travel grant (RAs only) and authoring/co-authoring in a peer reviewed publication. 

Special Topics in Research Elective Credit

Earn credit (1-5 academic credit hours) while doing research with an RUSVM faculty member. Special topics are selected based on their research credibility and planned outputs.  The level of involvement varies with the project, length of commitment and the student’s desires.  This would impact on the number of credits assigned in advance for the special topic. 

Learn more about the Special Topics in Research Electives by emailing research@rossvet.edu.kn.

Research Assistant

RUSVM students are eligible to work as research assistants on many of the projects on campus and earn a stipend of $400 for completing 25hrs of work during the semester.  E-mail research@rossvet.edu.kn for an application form.  Additionally, students can contact the Principal Investigator of the project they desire to work with. For a complete list of projects, click on the "Projects" link on the left side bar. 

Research Volunteers

Research Volunteers have no specified time commitment to a project and will likely not have a focused personal project on which to work. There is no stipend and no expectation of presentation of results at a RUSVM forum. The Research Volunteer position is designed to allow students to observe certain aspects of how research is conducted.

St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network (SKSTMN)

Sea turtle research in St. Kitts. The St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network (SKSTMN) will be accepting applications from individuals to be a Research Assistant or Team Leader in the field during the leatherback nesting season (March - July) starting January 15th   Full Details 

Research Student Scholars Program

The Research Scholar student will take a semester off of their veterinary education program to focus on a specific research project. The student will work with a Principal Investigator to conduct research in an area of their particular interest. Through a supportive, mentored research experience in an established laboratory and through seminars and discussion groups on careers in science, veterinary students will gain an insight on career opportunities in biomedical research.

For more information about the Research Student Scholars Program email research@rossvet.edu.kn. See Research Project Opportunities for further details.