Shipping & Mailing

Mail (coming through the Post Office) will be addressed to you c/o Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, P.O. Box 334, Basseterre, St. Kitts, West Indies.

Shipping (parcels coming via courier companies, air or sea) will be addressed to you c/o Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, Island Main Road, West Farm, St. Kitts, West Indies. 869-465-4161.

On your initial entry to St. Kitts we recommend the following methods of shipping your personal items:

If you call/email either Tropical Shipping in Miami, 1-305-805-7400, (your packages will arrive at the port by ship); or AmeriJet which flies to St. Kitts, 800-927-6059, (your packages will arrive at the airport). Give the shipping vendor your shipment destination, and your arrival date they can back track and let you know when you should have your personal items ready for shipping. It is much easier if this is done so that your shipment arrives within a few days of your arrival and not weeks before or after. Do not write on containers or indicate your contents to contain "personal belongings/items." Since 09/11 shippers are not allowed to ship anything under this title especially by air.

If you contact a broker here in St. Kitts they are bonded and can clear and deliver your shipment at a minimum cost of approx US$60.00. (dependant on the size of your shipment).

Brokers in St. Kitts:

Woodsrite Enterprises- Bird Rock, St. Kitts, West Indies - Mr. C. Woods

KDP Enterprises Inc - R.L.B. Int'l Airport, Basseterre, St. Kitts - Mr. Earl Hodge

Hobson Enterprises - Bird Rock, St. Kitts, West Indies - Mr. D. Hobson
869-465-8753, option 4

This is for information only. You may clear your own goods through customs at the sea port or airport terminal and arrange your own transportation to your home around your class schedule. It is a very busy time and you will spend at least several hours completing paperwork. We recommend that you look at the option of engaging a broker here on island. Advise the broker you are an incoming Ross student and a discount here on island will be afforded you. If you contact the broker beforehand the arrangements could be made to have the shipment collected and delivered to your home upon your arrival.

Your shipment should be addressed:

Your Name
c/o BROKER'S Name
Telephone number

FedEx, DHL, and UPS (;;

These companies all ship to St. Kitts, the packages arrive very quickly, and they offer tracking numbers. But, they can be very expensive options. If you ship using any of these companies, your packages will arrive at the airport. A broker can be used, but you can also pick them up yourself.

United States Post Office (

Any US Post Office will ship to St. Kitts (although many of them have it listed under its official name: St. Christopher); however, they do not offer tracking numbers and can sometimes be unreliable in estimating a date of arrival for your packages. They do not take responsibility for your package once it has left the United States. Your packages will arrive at the St. Kitts Post Office in downtown Basseterre. You may pick them up yourself at the post office without a broker. This is and inexpensive way for family and friends to send your favorite food/items while you are here in St. Kitts.

Duty & Tax On Imported Goods Into St. Kitts & Nevis

The initial entry of students, faculty & staff who will be residing on St. Kitts may import the following articles with the applicable duty & tax identified in each category. These articles should have been in your domestic possession for a period of not less than one (1) year.

Used Personal and Household Effects (including electronic items and cameras)

Exempt from import duty, VAT & custom service charge. (Referred to in the rest of this document as duty & tax). These articles are brought with you to facilitate the movement of persons setting up for living purposes.

Articles Of Transport – Used and New

Approximately 53% duty & tax on depreciated value of bicycles & motorized cycles.
Approximately 75% duty & tax on the value of the vehicle. Proof of purchase & ownership required.
Between approximately US$370 (new) to a maximum of US$1850 (4 years and more) environmental tax on all vehicles.

Articles Used in Educational Studies AS approved by the competent Authority on Form (C101)

Text books – 6% custom service charge.
All other educational articles - 48% duty & tax

Groceries – Food stuff

66 lbs (30 kg) Exempt from duty & tax.
Over 66 lbs (30 kg) – Approximately 53% duty & tax


Traveling with computer no charge
Importing computer 23% VAT and customs service charge


Reasonable usage – Exempt from duty & tax
Excessive amounts– Approximately 53% duty & tax

Live Animals in as Cargo

23% charge based on the CIF cost to ship pet down
Air Cargo & forms charge, usually no more than EC$30.

What you import as personal effects should be deemed as necessary to making your stay on St. Kitts pleasurable. It is always a good rule to be polite to the Custom Officers.