Housing Off-campus

All new and incoming students are required to live on campus unless approved to live elsewhere due to special circumstances. Kindly email housing@rossvet.edu.kn for any questions on special circumstances. New incoming students coming to St. Kitts with children are automatically approved to live off campus. Information about moving to St. Kitts and living on or off campus can be found on our moving to or visiting St. Kitts page.

Note that all students are required by RUSVM policy to select off-campus housing from listed properties, which is further explained below. For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at housing@rosssvet.edu.kn.

RUSVM Housing Policy
RUSVM has worked alongside landlords and property managers to establish minimum security standards with the aim of reducing burglaries and break-ins where our students live off-campus. The properties published on the RUSVM Housing website, the “listed properties”, have met these standards.

To enhance the safety and security of RUSVM students, the University requires all new students and those transitioning out of campus housing to obtain housing in listed properties. 

While living in listed properties will not eliminate the risk of an incident, the University believes this course of action is necessary to enhance the safety and security of the RUSVM community members and allow more effective deployment of our security forces.

Failure to comply with this policy may result in action by RUSVM.  Please refer to the policy within the RUSVM student handbook. to review the full policy to ensure your understanding and compliance.

Properties are not listed for a number of reasons, including non-compliance with the RUSVM’s security standards, location (may be in a deserted area or outside of the RUSVM Safety and Security Department patrol zone) or as a result of prior student issues with the landlord or property manager.

Our Off-campus Housing website offers a selection of listed properties for approved incoming students, for students living on island and for faculty members who are in need of housing. Students select the accommodations of their choice from the listed properties: the Housing Department does not assign housing to students. We are here to assist you from your planning stages to move to the island right through to your move off island.

Off-Campus Housing Tips

  • Determine your budget for an RUSVM listed property
  • Decide whether you want to live alone or with a roommate
  • Determine the area where you want to live (i.e. near or further away from campus). Consider the cost of a car into your budget, even if you intend to live close to campus.
  • Begin your search for your RUSVM listed property.

Neighborhoods with Listed Properties Close to Campus

  • West Farm
  • Boyds
  • Mattingley Heights (transportation required)
  • Camps (transportation required)

Neighborhoods with Listed Properties Further Away from Campus

  • Fortlands (transportation required)
  • New Road Housing (transportation required)
  • Cedar Grove (transportation required)
  • Bird Rock (transportation required)
  • Earle Mourne (transportation required)
  • Frigate Bay (transportation required).

Off-campus Housing Website
The Off-campus Housing website is accessible to approved/registered RUSVM students via MyRoss and it is available to assist those students in finding housing. Approved incoming students must obtain housing prior to arriving on St.Kitts. The RUSM Housing Department works in partnership with each landlord that agrees to abide by the Landlord Code of Conduct to secure student residences. To access the Off-campus Housing website, login to MyRoss, Student Resources and St. Kitts Housing.

New Student Arrival
New Incoming students must secure housing before arriving in St Kitts. Book your flights now. Pet and family arrivals are being accommodated on Friday, January 1, 2016 through to Sunday, January 3, 2016. If you arrive before these dates you stand the chance of not having your accommodations ready for occupancy and there are no hotel accommodations that accept pets.
Orientation will begin Monday, January 4, 2016 to Saturday, January 9, 2016. New incoming students please stay in contact with Adele Straun astraun@rossvet.edu.kn or Andrea Liburd anliburd@rossvet.edu.kn with your housing and travel plans.

Bringing Pets

Students planning to bring their pets should ensure all requirements for importation to St. Kitts have been met and check with their carriers to ensure that they have a confirmed ticket for the pet.

Please click here for more information on bringing pets to St. Kitts.