Housing on Off Campus

New incoming students coming to St. Kitts with children are automatically approved to live off campus. All other students must live on campus unless approved due to special circumstances. Access to the housing accommodations website is for approved new students or students or faculty members living in St. Kitts who are looking for what our housing website has to offer. If you are a student living in St. Kitts, please work closely with us to locate and secure new housing.

Our off-campus housing list includes a selection of housing in St. Kitts. As we share housing listings with other institutions, units may or may not be rented at the time of your viewing of this website. We are here to assist you throughout your planning stages and while you will be living in St. Kitts; however, we do not assign housing to students. Rather, students make their own choice of accommodations.

Please Make Note

All RUSVM-listed properties, as at the time of their original listing, include our minimum level of amenities and security measures. When selecting an accommodation, students must at all times verify independently that the listed properties have the minimum level of amenities and security measures. RUSVM does not assume responsibility for these final verifications of any RUSVM-listed property.

New Student Arrival

Please contact Adele Straun or Andrea Liburd in the Housing Department for information on housing or any questions you may have on living in St. Kitts at housing@rossvet.edu.kn.

New incoming students, living both on or off campus, must secure housing before arriving in St. Kitts. Book your flights now. This is a busy travel time for St. Kitts. Students will be accommodated according to the dates listed in your Admissions enrollment letter. Please book your flights for one of these dates only. A Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine welcome team will be at the airport to greet you and help you to settle into your new home.

Bringing Pets

Students planning to bring their pets should ensure all requirements for importation to St. Kitts have been met and check with their carriers to ensure that they have a confirmed ticket for the pet.

Please click here for more information on bringing pets to St. Kitts.