Kathleen Clements

DVM -Ross University
MS - Texas A&M

Office: St. Kitts


Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine(DVM)
Texas A&M University (BS,MS)


Exotic animal medicine


Semester 1, VMA 5113, Gross Anatomy I with Laboratory
Semester 2, VMA 5216, Gross Anatomy II with Laboratory
Semester 4, VMI 5412, Essential Veterinary Skills D
Semester 7, VMS 5798, Special Species Medicine



Oubre CM, Clements KE, Xiaodong Z, Porter TE, Berghman LR. Immunohistochemical assissment of the neurosecretory cells of the chicken thymus using a novel monoclonal antibody against avain chromogranin A. Developmental and Comparative Endocrinology. April 2004;28(4):337-45.


Puebla-Osorio N, Proudman JA, Compton A, Clements KE, Decuypere E, Vandesande F, Bergman LR. FSH- and LH-Cells originate as separate cell populations and at different embryonic stages in the chicken embryo. General and Comparative Endocrinology. July 2002;127(3):242-248.

Clements KE, Puebla NO, Compton AE, Proudman JA, Clerens S, Van den Bergh G, Vandesande F, Berghman LR. Immunocyctochemical demonstration of a chromogranin A (CGA)-like subsance in the chicken bursa of Fabricius. Poultry Science. 2000;79(1):118.

Clements KE, Puebla NO, Compton AE, Proudman JA, Hargis BM, Berghman LR. The bursa of Fabricius of the chicken expresses a chromogranin A-like molecule: immunocytochemical demonstration of a classic neuroendocrine marker in the central organ of humoral immunity. Poultry Science. 2000;79(1):37.

Puebla NO, Compton AE, Clements KE, Proudman JA, Vandesande F, Berghman LR. Identification of separate leuteinizing hormone-(LH) and follicle stimulating hormone-(FSH) producing cells in the chicken embryo pituitary. Poultry Science. 2000;79(1):51.

Hill BA, Stewart K, Rawlins-Vaughan G, Illanes O, Young A, Clements K, Carter J, Norton T. Clinical Challenge. Accepted and pending publication in the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine.

Stewart KM, McKeever J, Clements K, Kishbaugh J, Norton T. Bird species utilizing the two main leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) sea turtle nesting beaches as nesting sites in St. Kitts, West Indies. Submitted and under review to Journal of Caribbean Ornithology.