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One Health: CDC Director visits RUSVM | January 25-27, 2009

  • From January 25-27, 2009 Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine hosted Dr Lonnie King, Director of the CDC's National Center for Zoonotic, Vector-Borne and Enteric Diseases. Dr King is a global figure and has supported our research program in epidemiology and public health since its inception. Dr King's visit provided an opportunity to discuss collaboration with CDC and their partners and to meet with our students. He is passionate about public health and the role of veterinarians. He presented a talk on "One Health" and "Opportunities for veterinarians in public health." His presentation of "One Health" is critically important for all veterinarians. It is an eye opening view of the world threat of emerging diseases and global public health issues. Dr King met with small groups of students interested in public health, the CDC and internship opportunities. He also met with veterinary and medical officials from St Kitts and Nevis. For more information about the CDC internship: CDC Internship.

Parasitologist attends 2008 AAVP meeting | July 19-22, 2008

  • Dr Tammi Krecek attended the American Association for Veterinary Parasitology (AAVP) Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Two key sessions included "Parasites and The Road Less Traveled" and "Parasitological Myth Busters: Fact and Fiction". Dr Krecek moderated a session on equine parasitology.

RUSVM Researchers host annual Sea Turtle Camp | July 16-19, 2008

  • Dr Kimberly Stewart and a group of researchers hosted their annual Sea Turtle Camp at the St Kitts Marriott. Approximately 40 children from around the island learned the history and biology of sea turtles in addition to participating in craft activities and games on the beach. Many of these same researchers participated in a two week camp hosted by the Four Seasons in Nevis the following week in which 60 children participated. Read article from SKNVibes.

Small stock expert visits RUSVM | May 14-15, 2008

  • Dr Adriano Vatta is a researcher who specializes in small stock health in subsaharan Africa with resource-poor farmers. In his visit to RUSVM Dr Vatta gave two lectures titled, "Introductory concepts to small ruminant parasite management" and "Research and extension on goat health in the small-scale farming sector." Dr Vatta’s visit was co-sponsored by the AABP.

Royal Society of South Africa (RSSA) Centenary Conference | April 17-18, 2008

  • In a recent visit to Cape Town, South Africa, Dr Tammi Krecek participated in a scientific conference with scientists and researchers interested in future collaboration with RUSVM. Some highlights included a poster and presentation titled, "Which zoonotic parasites occur in cats and monkeys on St Kitts, West Indies?" as well as an abstract with the same title published in a peer review journal. This presentation and publication stemmed from a project she completed with Bonnie Coy Mitchell, Prather McNeal-Hutchinson, Lenita Moura and Patrick Kelly at RUSVM.

RUSVM Researchers Solve St Kitts Dying Fish Mystery | February 21, 2008

  • Reports of dead and dying fish in St Kitts waters in January and February led to the Department of Fisheries contacting RUSVM for assistance. Some RUSVM team members include pathologist Dr Natalie Keirstead, microbiologist Dr Keith Lander and technical research associate John Brake. Biological samples from fish have been examined to determine the cause of these sporadic mortalities in reef fishes. Working with a lab in British Columbia, Canada, and fish pathologists in Prince Edward Island Canada, RUSVM researchers were able to isolate a zoonotic bacterium, Streptococcus iniae, which may be the cause of the mortality events. These results were announced in a joint government-RUSVM press conference on February 19, 2008 in which the cause of the recent fish kills and its potential influence on human health were discussed. Read article from SKNVibes.

28th Sea Turtle Symposium: Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico | January 19-26, 2008

  • Dr Kimberly Stewart will be attending the WIDECAST Annual General Meeting and 28th International Sea Turtle Symposium January 21st through January 26th in Loreto, Baja Sur, Mexico. She will be presenting a St. Kitts Country Report at the WIDECAST Meeting and a poster entitled "Engaging Local Schools In Public Awareness Campaigns: A Case Study" during the General Symposium.

President and founder of VetPharm Inc. visits | January 18, 2008

  • Ms Denni Day, President and owner of VetPharm, Inc. visited RUSVM in January 2008. VetPharm, Inc. is a veterinary contract research organization that manages clinical trials sponsored by veterinary pharmaceutical, nutrition, and nutraceutical companies. Day and her company assist these organizations with submission of trial information to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for product approval. During her visit to RUSVM she delivered two lectures:
    • Clinical What? (An Introduction to Veterinary Clinical Research)
    • Think Outside the Practice (Careers in Veterinary Clinical Research)
    • These can be viewed at the LRC on Walrus under the “Guest Lecturers and Speakers” folder.

Be an extern/research assistant! | January 15, 2008

  • Dr Kimberly Stewart announced 2 openings for Externs/Research Assistants (RA) to aid in field data collection and electronic data capture for her projects: "Evaluating the effect of sampling site on hematologic and plasma biochemistry data in leatherback sea turtles (Dermochelys coriacea)" and "Initial planning and strategy meetings for the development of a community-based Sea Turtle Management and Conservation Program in collaboration with the fishermen of St Kitts and the St Kitts Fisheries Department". Positions are voluntary and housing will be provided to off-island volunteers. For eligibility requirements and further application information, contact Dr Stewart at View RA position description here.

Marine Veterinarian Visits RUSVM | November 14-17, 2007

  • Dr Beth Doescher, a marine mammal veterinarian, visited RUSVM as a guest of the ZEW (Zoo, Exotics and Wildlife) Club and the Department of Research. She is currently with the Atlantis-Dolphin Cay at Paradise Island, Bahamas. Prior to her work at Atlantis, Dr Doescher received her DVM from Colorado State University and worked as a staff veterinarian at Sea Life Park Hawaii. Her lecture to RUSVM was titled "Sublingual lesions in dolphins and treatments" and was followed with a talk on choosing a career path as a marine veterinarian. These can be viewed at the LRC on Walrus under the “Guest Lecturers and Speakers” folder.

Commonwealth Veterinary Association- 4th Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Conference: Barbados | November 4-8,2007

  • Members of the RUSVM Research team presented findings at the Commonwealth Veterinary Association Conference held in Barbados, West Indies. Faculty active in each area elaborated on research results in zoonotic parasitic and infectious diseases and the Sea Turtle Conservation Management Program.

CDC Researchers Visit Ross | October 28-November 1, 2007

  • Dr Greg Dasch and Dr Marina Eremeeva, both researchers from the CDC, National Center for Infectious Diseases in Atlanta, GA delivered four lectures to the RUSVM Community. In addition, they met with a number of students in a small group setting to discuss internship and career possibilities with the CDC. View internship information

21st International Conference of the WAAVP: Gent, Belgium | August 19-23, 2007

  • Zoonotic nematode parasites in wild caught African green monkeys (Chlorocebus sabaeus) on St Kitts, West Indies
    During the 17th century, African green monkeys (Chlorocebus sabaeus) were brought to the island of St Kitts, West Indies from Africa and are now considered an evolutionarily separate species. The population on this island is estimated to be in the tens of thousands, although no recent formal population studies are available. They flourish in the high density residential areas and rural, agricultural lands making contamination of the water and food supply a major human health concern. The parasites of wild caught monkeys on St Kitts have not been investigated so this pilot study was to determine the parasites in both fecal and blood samples. This is the first study to investigate parasites in these monkeys on this island and their zoonotic potential as pets or through contamination of water supply or local agriculture. This study shows all monkeys in all areas have parasites and may be a reservoir of infection to humans on the island.

AAVP - 52nd Annual Meeting: Washington, DC | July 14-17, 2007

  • Dr Bonnie (Coy) Mitchell was awarded a Young Investigator Travel Grant to travel to the American Association for Veterinary Parasitology (AAVP) meeting and present a scientific paper "Nematode parasites of wild caught African green monkeys (Chorocebus sabaeus) on St Kitts, West Indies" (Co-authors: P McNeal-Hutchinson, RC Krecek).

    Dr Melissa Fisher (Community Practice Clinician) also presented a scientific paper at the AAVP meeting. Her presentation was entitled "Predictive values of survey and contrast radiographs in the diagnosis of Spirocerca lupi in apparently healthy dogs, St Kitts, West Indies" (Co-authors JP Morgan, RC Krecek, P Kelly).

Molecular tick expert returns | May 14-22, 2007

  • Dr Lorenza Beati is Associate Professor and Curator of the US National Tick Collection, Georgia Southern University. She is also Affiliated Associate Research Scientist at the Yale School of Medicine, Epidemiology and Public Health. Dr Beati is a specialist in molecular diagnostics of tick-borne diseases including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF), Lyme disease, leishmani vectors and other emerging diseases. She has consulted and worked in many countries of Africa, Europe and the USA. Dr Beati visited RUSVM in October 2006 and will visit again 14-22 May 2007. This was Dr Beati's second visit and was joined by colleagues from Yale University. The following research activities took place. Full article available here.

Seven islands participate in sea turtle health workshop! | April 7-10, 2007

  • A Caribbean Workshop on Sea Turtle Health was held at RUSVM April 7-10, 2007. Participants from 7 Caribbean islands (Turks and Caicos, St Maarten, Nevis, St Kitts, St John, Martinique and Barbados), Puerto Rico and the United States. The workshop consisted of lectures, wet labs and nightly beach monitoring for nesting leatherbacks to further educate and inform participants about sea turtle health.

RUSVM researcher presents findings at anaesthiology meeting | March 2007

  • Dr Gwenola Touzot-Jourde recently presented preliminary findings from 2 of her current research projects at the Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists meeting in Paris (March, 2007). These findings are from the projects "Comparison of 4 different alpha2-adrenoceptor agonist based premedications in donkeys: sedative and recovery quality" and "Effects of lidocaine CRI-isoflurane anesthesia on recovery parameters in donkeys". Both of these projects will continue to collect data for another 8 months.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission collaborates in lobster research | March 14-17, 2007

  • Cynthia Lewis, a marine biologist from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, visited St Kitts March 14-17, 2007 to collect samples from the Caribbean spiny lobster. SpratNet, a local restaurant and several fishermen helped provide the needed samples to test the genetic relatedness of the lobsters.

Malaria specialist visits St Kitts! | March 1, 2007

Sea turtle expert visits! | January 11, 2007

  • St Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network (SKSTMN) hosted guest lecturer, Darren Browne, from December 20, 2006 through January 10, 2007. Mr Browne presented a lecture titled "Investigations into the population genetics of Caribbean hawksbill turtles" to SKSTMN volunteers, members of various island organizations and RUSVM faculty, staff and students. In water training catching and tagging of sea turtles foraging in St Kitts was also provided by Mr Browne.

Children compete in sea turtle art competition | January 8, 2007

  • St Kitts 2006 Sea Turtle Poster Competition Awards Ceremony was held December 9, 2006 at Basseterre High School to announce the winners of the poster competition promoting sea turtle awareness. Children were asked to submit artwork following the theme of the competition which was "Promoting Awareness of Sea Turtles in St Kitts." One hundred ninety entries were received from 14 different schools. Entries were judged on November 11th at RUSVM by 7 local judges. The Awards Ceremony was held at Basseterre High School December 9th, 2006 and over 200 individuals were in attendance. The winners and runners up in each age division received prize packages along with their corresponding teacher. Sponsors for the prizes and Awards Ceremony included: Digicel, Subway, Touch Body Salon, Kenneth's Dive Center, Oasis Café, The Internet Café, Rock Lobster, WIDECAST (Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network), Caribbean Gifts and Liquor, Sensational Shoreline Plaza, Athlete's Foot, Glass Island, Just for Kids, the Movies Theatre and RUSVM. The winning designs are featured on three posters advertising the St Kitts Sea Turtle Hotline. Full article available here.

November 10, 2006

October 4, 2006

  • Dr Mark Mitchell lectured on the "Trials and Tribulations of a Wildlife Epidemiologist" on September 27, 2006 to RUSVM Faculty, Staff and Students.

    Full article available here.

October 2, 2006

  • St Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network supported the "International Beach Clean Up" on Saturday 23rd September. Over 80 people gathered to clean the beach from Keys to Cayon picking up trash that had been washed onto the shores from the Atlantic ocean.

    Full article available here.

September 29, 2006

  • The 39th American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) Conference was held in St Paul, Minnesota, USA from September 21-23, 2006. Three RUSVM 9th semester students (Michelle Scott, Christopher Thomas and Alondra Velez) submitted an abstract about a clinical case that they treated during their 7th semester in Introduction to Clinics II. The abstract “Trauma-induced Physitis of the Right Distal Physis of Metatarsal III-IV in a 10-Month-Old Crossbreed Heifer” was submitted to the Student Case Presentation Competition. Eleven abstracts were selected to participate in the Competition at the AABP Conference. Dr B Grevemeyer assisted the students with this case. (Photo)

September 22, 2006

  • SKN Vibes features an article: "St Kitts 2006 Sea Turtle Poster Competition Launch" that announces the contest to local school children. The St Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network, together with Small Islands Voice, is using the posters to increase sea turtle awareness on St Kitts.

    Full article available here.

September 5, 2006

  • SKN Vibes features an article: "Leatherback and Hawksbill turtles are hatching on our beaches and getting stranded" that highlights the conservation efforts of the St Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network, headed by RUSVM Faculty, Dr Kimberly Stewart.

    Full article available here.

August 2, 2006

  • This week’s issue of Science Magazine features an article: "AIDS in the Americas" and highlights current work at the CPRC (UPR) and the Director, Dr Edmundo Kraiselburd.

    RUSVM student Libette Roman-Laureano completed a “Research Semester Away” at the CPRC (UPR) during her 5th semester. (Photo)

    Full article available here.