Veterinary School Admissions

Getting into veterinary school is as difficult as ever. The number of open seats for veterinary students in the US has stayed almost exactly the same for the last 28 years. This consistency keeps the admissions process extremely competitive.

Regardless of your ability to get into a US veterinary school, your ability to become a successful veterinarian is boundless. Our Caribbean veterinary school will provide you with some of the best instruction and resources in the world.

What We Look For

At Ross University, we have developed an approach to admissions that enables us to look at unique qualities and identify those candidates who have the drive and determination to both successfully complete the veterinary school curriculum and enter the veterinary field as skilled professionals.

Our admissions process looks beyond your GPA and GRE scores and includes a holistic view of you as a person and the strengths that will enable you to become a successful veterinarian.

For more information, please use the links above to request a viewbook or find out about our Information Seminars, which are held several times throughout the year in the US and Canada.