Veterinary School Admissions

Nearly 4,000 veterinarians chose an education with Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM). From general practitioners and specialists to researchers and administrators, veterinary medicine caters to a wide range of career paths. Earn your DVM at RUSVM and be part of the dynamic, ever-changing field of animal medicine.

What Do We Look For in a Veterinary School Candidate?

At Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, we use a holistic approach to admissions. This means that while we do take your GPA, GRE, and academic performance into consideration when making an admissions decision, we look at much more—your knowledge of the veterinary profession, personal character, interpersonal skills, motivation, and exposure to animal medicine, among other qualities. This allows us to identify candidates who have the drive, determination, and character to complete the veterinary school curriculum and enter the animal health field as trained professionals.

For more information, you can read about our admissions requirements, request a viewbook or find out about our Information Seminars, which are held several times throughout the year in the US and Canada.

If you have other questions, our admissions team can help. Send us an email.