Ross Spotlight
d April 2008
Dr. Sheppard
       Dr. Thomas Shepherd
       President, Ross University

As we complete the first part of 2008, I couldn’t be more pleased with the state of Ross University. While there is always room for improvement, Ross continues to be the number one provider of new physicians and veterinarians into the U.S. respectively, as compared to any other medical or veterinary school in the world. The January 2008 semester began with our classrooms on both campuses being filled with excited, energetic, and talented new and returning students.

This year, our 30th anniversary for Ross University, promises to be one filled with great change and promise. This summer, our New Jersey home office will be moved 11 miles south to North Brunswick, New Jersey. The change of location will provide new and improved space for our entire team, and an environment more conducive to meeting and interviewing prospective students. In addition, it will allow us to expand our present office space needs, and provide room for future growth.

For sure, 2008 will be a hallmark year for Ross University. The future is indeed bright, but there is still much work to be done. We will continue to increase our number of clinical rotations for our medical school students, move forward on our application for AVMA accreditation for the veterinary school, and take measures to brand our institution as the finest University in its class. I look forward to working with faculty, staff, and students alike as we move forward in this 30th year, our greatest year yet at Ross University.


Ross University Legacy of Service Award Winners

The Legacy of Service recognizes those who most exemplify the meaning of customer service, exhibit those values in their professional endeavors, and help to reinforce the vision in our University.

The award recipients for July-September and October-December were as follows:

Antoinette Athill-Christmas—New Jersey Office
Tony Ayubi—Miami Campus
Shufen Chang—New Jersey Office
Andrea Russomanno—New Jersey Office
Jeffrey Peralte—New Jersey Office

Additional Ross University recipients from the campuses were:

Dr. Ana Maria Miller—Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Akintola Odutola—Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine


Amanda Kastern—New Jersey Office
Ben Lee—New Jersey Office
Troy Edward Van Brunt—New Jersey Office

All of the winners were nominated by their colleagues or supervisors, with the exception of Amanda Kastern who was recommended by a peer as well as a student, and Jeffrey Peralte, who was nominated by three students.


Ross University and the Dominica Diabetic Association Collaborate for World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day 2007 was observed at the Vielle Case Government School in Dominica on November 16, 2007, and was hosted by Ross University School of Medicine. The main focus was the prevention and management of diabetes and diabetic complications.

In addition to highlighting the rise in diabetic disease in Dominica and its associated complications to kidneys, eyes, heart, and blood vessels, this event also served to reignite support for the Dominica Diabetic Association, which was founded 30 years ago by Cleve Butler.

The rise in the cost of drugs and the shortage of healthcare providers in the medical and nursing professions poses serious challenges to patients with diabetes. As a result, there is an increased need for hospitalization, which puts pressure on the health budget and the quality of life for the people of Dominica. Since obesity and type 2 diabetes are on the rise in Dominica, the theme of the conference was particularly important.

Diabetes screening was facilitated by a group of students from Ross University. Patients with diabetes and other interested people were able to have the following health indices monitored: blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, height, waist hip ratio, and nutritional assessment. Individual counselors were also available to discuss diet and lifestyle changes. A panel of health professionals (which included Dr. Khaldun Ferreira—a Ross University graduate) discussed the “Prevention of Diabetic Complications.”

The Dominica Diabetic Association is looking forward to future Ross University involvement in its programs, and is encouraging efforts that promote healthy food choices, weight conscientiousness, and regular exercise. Special thanks are extended to Ross University for sponsoring the event.

Campus Picture

Ross University CME Conference & Alumni Reception Dates Announced

Save the Date

The department of alumni relations at Ross University School of Medicine will host the annual Continuing Medical Education (CME) Conference & Alumni Reunion this year from June 19-21, 2008, in Dominica at the Fort Young Hotel. Highlights of this event will include:

  • Alumni Welcome Back Barbeque
  • Tour of the Campus
  • Catamaran Ride
  • Alumni Dinner
  • Six credits of CME

This year, the educational sessions will focus on hypertension, diabetes mellitus, endovascular therapies, coronary artery bypass surgery, stem cell therapy and communication, and patient safety.

Accommodations for this conference will be at the Fort Young Hotel and the Garraway Hotel, which can be viewed at and Registration, as well as additional details, will be available soon on the Ross University website.


“Ross Gives AC Units to Frigate Bay Police”

Thursday, March 13, 2008
By Akedia Christopher
Copyright 2008 SUN Printing & Publishing LTD
All rights reserved; used with permission

Ross University has once again lived up to its commitment in assisting in the needs of the St. Kitts/Nevis Police Force by donating and installing two air condition units at the Frigate Bay Police Station.

A brief ceremony was held yesterday in recognition of the donation. Inspector Lionel Moore, the officer in charge at the station, Superintendent Ian Queeley, Linel Nolan, director of security, and Sean Fox, associate dean of student life at Ross University, were present.

Remarks were brief as Dr. Fox thanked the representing members of the station for all of their help and stated, “We value the relationship between the University and the local police.” He further told the officers that they would always be willing to assist where ever aid is needed as “we appreciate what you do for us.”

Inspector Moore thanked Dr. Fox for the timely contribution “on behalf of the commissioner and the ranks at the Frigate Bay Police Station,” and commented that the “units would make the lives of the officers more comfortable.”

Dr. Fox explained to the SUN that one of “our administrators was at the other location and realized that they [the police] can use an air conditioner and we offered to give them some.”

Ross University