Online Bookstore and Booklist

We are pleased to partner with Ambassador Education Services to provide you with your educational supplies for the upcoming semester. Please see the helpful tips below to ensure a smooth ordering process. Visit the bookstore at

  • Please be sure to place your order by 2 p.m. EST on April 10, 2015 to ensure timely delivery of your order. You can order past the deadline, but keep in mind that may delay delivery.
  • RUSM will be using E-Books for semester 1. You do not need to purchase hardcopy texts. The e-books are required and will be provided to you as an e-book package for a fee which will be added to your student account. Students in upper semesters can request the e-book package by emailing
  • You can choose to send your items to your US address or straight to the Dominica campus. IMF and Clinical students should ship their items to their local/home address.
  • Students should review the booklist and the online bookstore items carefully as to avoid having duplicate items. Often, kits provide multiple items that may be used across various semesters. Sometimes, the individual items are listed again as replacements in case you need another instrument (for example, you may see a stethoscope listed in multiple semesters, but you only need to purchase it one time). Make sure to decline the items you do not need.
  • Additional items will be added over the next few months (i.e. school apparel, school supplies).
  • Download the 2015 book and supply list here.