Life at Ross

The 16 months you spend on the Ross University campus will likely be one of the most intense and unforgettable experiences of your life, made even more so by the extraordinary environment of Dominica. A volcanic island, Dominica is a lush, classically Caribbean environment. It is the most mountainous island in the region with winding roads connecting coastal fishing villages and hillsides covered with a vast array of fruit trees. Thousands of tourists make their way each year to Dominica to trek through the island's rain forest, which is alive with rare birds, flowers and animals, or to walk along cloud-shrouded mountain peaks in search of one of Dominica's many secluded lakes or hot springs. For many Ross students, the unspoiled natural environment of Dominica remains one of the most memorable aspects of their lives as students.

At Ross University, you will benefit from an extensive and ongoing investment in the latest teaching, learning and laboratory facilities. The 26-acre campus is completely wireless. Classrooms are fully equipped with multimedia technology including large-screen projection systems and plasma screens. In the Gross Anatomy laboratory, student work on cadavers is videotaped and archived for review and sharing. The library provides comprehensive online and off-line access to books, journals and multimedia programs. There is a 24-hour reading room, numerous breakout rooms and two Learning Resource Centers housing multimedia equipped workstations. The online bookstore carries recommended textbooks as well as diagnostic and surgical equipment, clothing, sundries and more. When they are not studying, students can take advantage of the fitness center, tennis and volleyball courts and playing fields for soccer, football and cricket.

The most exciting part of your life at Ross University will be the campus community. You will find your fellow students, as well as the faculty, to be an amazingly diverse group of people. 

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