2014-2015 Schedule of Tuition & Fees


Basic Sciences*
per semester

Internal Medicine

Clinical Sciences
per semester

Tuition per semester
(Flat Rate: 9-21 credits)
$19,675 $21,710 $21,710
Student Government Association Fee
per semester
$50 $0 $0

Health Insurance Fee per semester

Price includes an administration charge.

$565 $565 $565

Effective September 2014. Subject to change without notice

Please see the Student Handbook for tuition and refund policies. Students must pay for all courses taken.

*First semester students will also be charged a non-refundable visa processing fee of $190. In addition, students in the 11 semester program will receive a 25% savings on tuition when they enter the fifth semester of basic sciences (please note this savings on tuition does not apply to any repeated semesters).