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The degree Doctor of Medicine is awarded upon the successful completion of the Basic Sciences curriculum, the Clinical Sciences curriculum, and the US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), Steps 1 and 2.

Basic Sciences

Ross University School of Medicine offers a Basic Sciences curriculum designed to prepare students for licensure and practice in the US or Canada. This curriculum, known as the Foundations of Medicine curriculum, is offered on the School of Medicine campus in Dominica and must be satisfactorily completed there. Commencing with the class that started in May 2013, RUSM offers two tracks in the Foundations of Medicine Program: a four-semester accelerated track and a five-semester track. The two tracks constitute the same program study, with the accelerated track comprised of 60 weeks of study, and the five-semester track comprised of 75 weeks. Students elect for one of the tracks following the first semester.

Clinical Sciences

The Clinical Sciences curriculum, conducted in the United States, consists of 90 weeks of clinical training. It begins with an introductory clinical segment of six weeks through a course entitled Internal Medicine Foundations (IMF). This clinical experience is designed to build on the students' training in medical history and physical diagnostic skills, as well as the students' approach to the patient. It is conducted in hospitals and related clinical facilities in the Miami area.

The remaining 84 weeks consist of required ("core") clerkships and elective clerkships. During this time, the student participates in patient care while rotating through various medical specialties in affiliated teaching hospitals and other approved healthcare facilities in the United States.



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